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5 Tile Trends Reshaping Design in 2018

Technology has transformed the tile industry. With inkjet printers, manufacturers can imitate not only the look of natural materials but also the texture and feel. And this manufacturing process cuts down the cost of production, which translates to more affordable prices. As a result, tile trends are shifting toward new textures, colors, shapes and patterns. Homeowners have more choices now than ever before!

1. Sophistication: black

Black features continue to gain popularity because they lend themselves well to modern, sophisticated design. Black tiles of all shapes, from subway to hexagonal, are being paired with either a contrasting grout or black grout. And matte black finishes are a new designer favorite. This year, we’re seeing lots of black tile in bathrooms and kitchens — as backsplashes, flooring and even full walls.

2. Interest: patterns

Tile is available in a variety of patterns that can add a hint of personality to any space. Homeowners are incorporating patterned tiles in small areas of interest, like bathroom sink backsplashes, and in bigger ways, like full-coverage accent walls. Consider turning your walk-in shower into an eye-catching art feature with patterned tile walls. Other popular spaces for patterned tile include the entryway, laundry room and kitchen.

3. Dimension: mixed

There are many ways to mix tile, whether it be with size, texture, finish or color. And this year, people have really taken to the concept. You could pair single-color tiles with boldly patterned ceramic squares, matte finish tiles with glazed pieces, or non-textured tiles with textured tiles to add dimension. Or, you could mix three-dimensional tiles with classic subway tiles to add movement and interest to your surfaces.

4. Character: shapes

Tile manufacturers are getting creative with shape, and existing luxury shapes have become easier to manufacture and distribute. As a result, the variety of shapes and cuts coming available is rapidly growing, driving trends toward geometric, curved and edgy selections. Trending forms include arabesques, hexagons, octagons, diamonds and crosses. Some shapes can even be mixed for unique patterns.

5. Nature: “wood” planks

The availability of ceramic wood tiles in various plank sizes has a created a fever in the design industry. These tiles are being used in all areas of the home, but homeowners can really take advantage in the bathroom. Previously, it was risky to get that natural look in such a moist area. Real wood is not naturally moisture-resistant and it has to be appropriately sealed for such applications. These tiles can withstand moisture to the extent that they’re being installed right in the shower. Plus, they’re more affordable than the real thing!

Take note that installing tile can be a difficult DIY project — particularly when it involves the intricate shapes and patterns trending today. A professional will be able to help you navigate the latest looks and trends to create a look you’ll love within your budget. Just be sure to hire someone with a good reputation and a healthy amount of experience. This will ensure an attractive and long-lasting result.


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