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Opulence In Natural Stone Short Hills, NJ

Natural Stone Short HillsNatural stone floor tiles are organic, strong, elegant and one of the most perfect choices for flooring. In comparison to clay or porcelain baked and even glass tiles, natural stone could certainly be described as green, they are not subjected to heating or chemical processes that may be damaging to the environment. And although producers of other tile do try to keep within the realms of environmentally friendly natural stone takes the cake in this category.

Natural stone for walling and flooring will provide a stunning backdrop for any room, these rich and exquisite surfaces breathe of the earth. They are timeless and all you have to do is touch the surface of a stone surface to feel the magic. Millions of years of history runs through natural stone and it is for this reason it is such a warm décor addition to any room.

As one of the wonders of the natural world, stone is the lifeblood of our planet. It takes millions of years to create and this is a continual process with the ebb and flow of volcanic lava and movement in the Earth's crust beneath us. Quite literally pockets of stone of all descriptions are being created all the time in this constant activity. Once pressurized and pushed through the earth’s crust in tectonic movement, we find onyx, travertine, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, marble and many others.

Where this stone erupts to the surface of the earth, natural quarries are formed and these natural quarries have been the source of materials for the building of thousands of buildings over the millennia. The last remaining of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Gaza still stands and this was created from natural stone. In ancient time the richest temples and palaces were al built of and decorated with stone. Marble has been the inspiration for Michelangelo and many other sculptors to create items of the most profound beauty.

Not only has natural stone inspire the creation of the most beautiful art objects, it is the most vital architectural building source man has ever used. The greatest civilizations through all history have used stone as a building material, its presence will add the same dimensions of beauty to your home.

Historically natural stone was believed to be too precious for adorning the average home and was only used in temples and palaces of grand significance. Only the rich could afford it as quarrying and transportation was incredibly labor intensive and this made it expensive.

The technology available today has changed all this and quarrying stone has become far simpler. Transport is also mechanized and this adds to the fact that it is not as expensive to bring stone into any home. All over the world different types of stone are being quarried, and exported, and there are also large resources of local natural stone available, no matter where you live.

While a solid stone floor is opulent, this is not entirely practical and would also be very expensive. But floor tiles look nearly as effective and are a lot less costly. Bear in mind also that the value of your home will also increase with the addition of this type of flooring.

Tiles in all the stone families are available, they are all incredibly durable, but some more than others, it just depends on the type. The hardest is granite and this natural stone is your flooring solution for life.

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