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The Best 6 Reasons to Tile Your Kitchen Floor

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to choosing new flooring is the sheer scale of choice now available and this is especially true in the kitchen. In our previous Kitchen Flooring Options guide we showed you that, basically, carpets are the only flooring type that you can totally discount in your kitchen space. Hardwood flooring, whether solid wood or engineered wood, is frequently used in the kitchen and laminate flooring is a great hard wearing and cheaper alternative. As for vinyl and linoleum, both have been kitchen favorites in the past and are now coming back into fashion thanks to funky, innovative and retro designs that are currently in trend.

In this home floors guide we will discuss the merits of installing tile in your kitchen. It is arguably the flooring type of choice for the kitchen but why? We hope you find the following helpful when buying your kitchen flooring.

Here are the 6 Best Reasons to Choose Tile for Your Kitchen Floor:

1. Return on Investment – In our guide to Flooring with the Highest Return on Investment we showed you the clever choices for those looking to rent or sell their property. Depending which market you’re going into kitchen floor tiles can be a great option. There’s a tile to suit any budget, from low cost durable no drama tiles for a rental to sophisticated and expensive tiles to help bump up the value of an upmarket residence.

2. Style Options – Long gone are the days of drab nondescript kitchen floor tiles. The choice of designer patterns and cool designs is limited only by your imagination and your budget.  Perhaps you have your heart set on wood flooring? No problem, you can now buy porcelain floor tiles that look just like wood!

3. Performance – As long as you don’t choose a nasty cheap thin tile you can be sure that when you install tiles in your kitchen that you’re laying a very hard wearing surface. Only natural stone flooring is going to be more durable. We want the flooring in all our rooms to be durable but especially in the kitchen. High traffic, lots of spills, lots of cleaning and the potential for accidents (dropped kitchenware etc.) makes a high quality tile (think porcelain or stone tile) a smart option. Also new innovations like DITRA mat for easy tile installation vastly improve the longevity of a tile floor.

4. Longevity – At Home Flooring Pros we are big fans of the latest trends in Vinyl and Linoleum flooring. The lower production costs have meant a greater range of designs than ever before. If you want a cutting edge look for your flooring then vinyl and linoleum can be an interesting option. However the latest trends and fashions, by definition, don’t last. They’re here today and gone tomorrow. If you’re prepared to refresh your flooring every few years then that’s fine, but if you want to lay a classy kitchen floor that’s going to look up to date for many years to come then opting for kitchen tile installation, with a focus on natural colors, is a smart way to go.

5. Maintenance – We have to agree that wood looks great in the kitchen, but wood as you know needs extra care and attention to keep it looking at its best. Kitchen tile on the other hand just needs a sweep or a mop to keep it in tip top shape. With the continual dropping of food and drink on our kitchen floors you’ll be glad you chose tile.

6. Health and Safety – Hygiene in your kitchen is absolutely essential, this area more than any other in your home is vulnerable to germs. And it’s not just the kitchen countertops that need to be kept clean. Your floors too need to be kept germ free especially with young children about. As beautiful as natural wood is there’s no arguing that tile is a much easier surface to keep hygienically clean. It’s also worth considering that unlike wood, vinyl or linoleum, ceramic and porcelain kitchen tiles are non-flammable.

With so many great kitchen flooring options we ultimately recommend that you go with the surface that you prefer but hopefully this guide has clarified why tile is still the number one kitchen flooring choice. And what about the bathroom? Planning your bathroom remodel around your floor tiles can be a great idea as well.

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